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As I travel, I'm always looking for places to shop for vinyl. With limited information available, I thought it would be helpful to others if I shared my experiences. Feel free to make your comments about the stores or to recommend stores in your city. I collect mostly 80's New Wave, Punk and Alternative so that's what I base my recommendations and reviews on.

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Drove down to Tucson this afternoon to check out some record stores.Two Zia Records locations - Both absolutely sucked. Based out of Phoenix and my regular source for vinyl, I couldn't have been more disappointed. No selection and thrift shop condition at both places. I only picked up two 7" singles (Pete Shelley and Depeche Mode imports) and a 5 song EP featuring The Mighty Lemon Drops, World Party and The Bodines. PDQ Records (on Dodge and Grant)- quite possibly the largest selection of vinyl of any store I have ever been in, arranged beautifully, easy to browse. Unbelievable selection, it was like everything I looked for they had. Prices varied wildly but almost everything was reasonable. Most records I bought were in the $3-5 range and included:Los Illegals, Robert Seidler - Cig Sisters, Smash Palace, Horizontal Brian, New Marines, Nervus Rex, The Neats, Quincy, It's Immaterial, Bongos - Beat Hotel (Sealed), Red Wedding - Nails, Randyandy and several local LP's from 80's acts that I have been searching high and low for!!! I wish I had more time to spend there. If you are in Tucson, make sure you leave enough time to go to PDQ Records, you won't be disappointed!!

Went to Tucson for the weekend and went to PDQ again Saturday and Sunday. If there is a better store anywhere I don't know where it is. Tons and Tons of vinyl, and the new owners have all LP's at 50% off!!! I picked up a ton of off the wall stuff, again, stuff I don't normally see in other stores. It's a must if you ever go to Tucson (and this would be the only good reason to go there!).

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