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As I travel, I'm always looking for places to shop for vinyl. With limited information available, I thought it would be helpful to others if I shared my experiences. Feel free to make your comments about the stores or to recommend stores in your city. I collect mostly 80's New Wave, Punk and Alternative so that's what I base my recommendations and reviews on.

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Las Vegas

Spent the weekend in Vegas, had the opportunity to go to numerous places record shopping. Zia- This Arizona based store has tons of vinyl, typically nothing more than $1.99. I picked up a ton (130 records or so) of cool titles and they have a small 7" section as well. I found many hard to find titles worth well over $20-40 each. Friendly staff. I even bought a small stack of mid 80's thrash metal stuff- DRI, Suicidal, etc ! Record City- 3 locations, I was able to get to all 3. Two of them are on Sahara, one had a ton of '50-60's collectible records and plenty of rock and alternative stuff, prices were a tad on the high side. I picked up some Replacements, Phil N the Blanks, Human Switchboard, etc. The second location, just a few blocks down the street, had a smaller selection of the collectibles but an entire room full of $1 records. Unbelievable titles, all of your standard 80's fare as well as 12". I picked up well over 100 titles here- Long Ryders, Comateens, Elvis Brothers, New Marines, DFX2, Dial M, Fashion, The Dodgers, Minor Detail, The Vels, etc. I was able to make it over to the Charleston location for a short time on Sunday. Staff was awesome, only had 30 minutes to go through the clearance section here but picked up nearly 90 records. I got some really cool stuff- Josie Cotton, The Mood, Blanket Of Secrecy, Translator, Urban Verbs, etc. Wax Trax- A different kind of record store. 3 floors I believe, parts dimly lit, not real organized but has just about every obscure title you can think of. Nothing is priced, you have to pull it out and the owner looks it up on the internet and gives you a price. Not my kind of shopping so I didn't get anything here. Better suited if you were looking for one title. You'd be better off just looking on the internet though. All in all I picked up over 300 records, many of which were extremely cheap and not your run of the mill stuff.I'm sure I missed some places but my time was limited, all of these had large CD selections as well as memorabilia at Record City.

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