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As I travel, I'm always looking for places to shop for vinyl. With limited information available, I thought it would be helpful to others if I shared my experiences. Feel free to make your comments about the stores or to recommend stores in your city. I collect mostly 80's New Wave, Punk and Alternative so that's what I base my recommendations and reviews on.

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Went to Houston Monday and Tuesday of last week. The only two stores that people could refer me to for vinyl was: Vinal Edge Records - almost all vinyl, crate upon crate of 12"'s that blocked nearly every aisle, not a whole bunch of stuff that I bought, nothing memorable.
Sound Waves - small store, not a huge amount of used vinyl, only notable purchase was a sealed copy of The Kick. Half Price Books- I wandered into one when looking for Vinal Edge, holy cow, I bought a ton of stuff here and at their other location the next day. Highlights included a Red Rockers Condition Red LP for under $5, D.O.A., Wednesday Week, etc, shipped a huge box of records home (Media Mail) - can't wait for them to arrive to remember what I got! We have these stores in Arizona but nowhere near the selection of titles that they had here. Overall, disappointed in the actual record stores, the Half Price Books store was a fluke! I'm sure I missed some good ones.

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